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• Strategic Business Development and Project Management. o We can assist you in requirements elicitation by researching, interview and acquiring the details need to facilitate a solid business model with proven results. o Preparing and leading workshops and information-gathering sessions o Using structured, repeatable processes for documenting, analyzing and validating requirements o Evaluating information from multiple sources; decomposing high-level information into details; abstracting low-level information; distinguishing requests vs needs; distinguishing requirements from solutions; and classifying, synthesizing, and prioritizing requirements o Using UML models, use cases and object-oriented approaches to capture, structure and communicate business needs o Capturing details with precision; driving out ambiguity; ensuring consistent understanding across clients, designers and testers. o Business process modeling by documenting and diagramming current state business processes, then deriving and documenting/diagramming desired/future state high-level business processes o Effective scope management in defining scope, managing expectations, identifying potential change o Requirements Management – creating and maintaining baselines and traceability o We provide stronger leadership by employing creativity problem solving skills with 30 years within the technical industry. We are bringing innovative ideas to complex problems o Collaboration – building relationships and working effectively with internal and external teams, at all organizational levels o Flexibility: We are flexible and are able to adapt quickly and confidently to rapidly changing roles, objectives and priorities. o Leadership: PhD Consulting works hard at communicating our vision clearly; providing inspiration, mentoring and soliciting feedback from all whom we work with! o Effective Communication: o Verbal: explaining, questioning, exploring and listening o Written: presenting information and communicating concepts to business and technical audiences at all o Effective Presentations. PhD Consulting offer high quality, professional, presentations for all audiences by preparing and delivering at the right level of detail for each audience and deliver with a communicative, professional and engaging style. • Process Improvement • Project Management • Help Desk and Operations support • Technical Writing and documentation • PhD Customer Care programs and services • Staff augmentation • On-Site and Remote Management • Remote Administration and Technical Management • Vendor Relations and Mediation • Technical Services for BMC Remedy solutions • BMC Remedy Complete Management and Architectural Design • Cross platform Integrations and complex automations • Enterprise software Installation and Architectural Design • BMC Remedy ITSM Remote administration and Custom development.